The American Sporting Print
Trade Edition

The American Sporting Print

I invite your consideration of the book that I am proud to present as the second publishing venture of The Sporting Gallery, The American Sporting Print: 20th Century Etchers and Drypointists, written by John T. Ordeman.

The American Sporting Print has been published in 2007 in an edition of two thousand copies, of which one hundred and fifty have been reserved for a deluxe edition, signed and numbered by the author. Each deluxe edition is bound in full leather and boxed in a cloth slipcase, with an original signed etching by Gordon Allen.

The American Sporting Print presents a representative selection of the sporting prints of thirty-six 20th century American etchers and drypointists together with biographies and commentary on their work. In addition, it contains information on printmaking techniques and advice to the collector of intaglio prints.

The following artists’ works are contained in The American Sporting Print:

Artists in the Benson Tradition

Frank Weston Benson
Roland Clark
J. D. Knap
Jay N. (“Ding”) Darling
Richard Bishop
Hans Kleiber
Reinhold Palenske
P. C. Wharton
William J. Schaldach
Aiden Lassell Ripley
Churchill Ettinger
Walter Bohl

Canine Artists

Edmund Osthaus
Percival Rosseau
Marguerite Kirmse
Diana Thorne

Independent Sporting Artists

Carl Rungius
Kerr Eby
Edward King
William Simmons
Henry Emerson Tuttle
Levon West
Ogden Pleissner

Contemporary Sporting Artists

David Hagerbaumer
Thomas Aquinas Daly
William Reese
Bruce A. North
Al Barker
Herb Booth
Sandy Scott
Paul Niemiec, Jr.
Gordon Allen
Joel Ostlind
Brett Smith
Neil Rizos
T. Allen Lawson

The Deluxe Edition of The American Sporting Print features as a frontispiece this etching by Gordon Allen. Gordon would ordinarily sell this print alone for $300.